Children’s Services

CMC Pediatrics Mission:
Through effective partnerships with patients, families, communities, affiliated institutions, private organizations, & public agencies, we will provide the children and adolescents of western Montana with the best in accessible, comprehensive & family-centered care from day one.    

CMC Pediatrics Vision:

  • We will be the hospital of choice for pediatric care in Montana.
  • We will provide compassionate, family-centered care—we will facilitate a partnership with patients & their families and respect their contributions, needs, experiences & preferences.
  • We will provide interdisciplinary, evidence-based care employing modern technologies.
  • We will improve access to pediatric healthcare services in western Montana through outreach and community service.
  • We will provide cost-effective and efficient services.
  • We will promote the advancement of knowledge & clinical expertise related to pediatric healthcare by providing regular educational opportunities for care providers and interested community members.

To provide the best in pediatric health services, CMC has partnered with Seattle Children’s Hospital to enhance access to pediatric providers, support education & training endeavors, and facilitate collaborative care.

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