CMC Pediatric Team

Our pediatric hospitalists are doctors who are board certified in pediatrics and specialize in providing care to children during their stay in the hospital. They provide oversight and coordination of your child’s care during their stay.   

A pediatric intensivist is a doctor who did their initial medical training in pediatrics but also did additional years of subspecialty training in intensive care.  Our intensivist is board certified in critical care and pulmonology (care of lungs/respiratory system).

Recognizing that children are not just “little adults”, pediatric surgeons are physician experts in providing surgical care for your child.  A pediatric surgeon completes training in general surgery and then does at least 2 additional years of training specific to caring for infants, children & adolescents.

A pediatric pulmonologist is trained to diagnose & treat diseases that affect a child’s ability to breath (lungs & respiratory system).  Working with the other physicians, nurses & respiratory therapists, our pediatric pulmonologist has special training in managing children on ventilators (breathing machines) and those with chronic conditions such as asthma & cystic fibrosis. 

A registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) will be caring for your child for a 12-hour shift at a time.  A majority of the pediatric nursing staff at CMC have specialized certifications in pediatrics &/or pediatric critical care.  The nurse is often your primary care provider contact and will be integral to communicating the plan of care as well as teaching you & your child about their care.  There will also be a charge nurse each shift who is responsible for coordinating care of all the patients on the floor. 

Nurse Manager/Director:
This person is responsible for coordinating the entire pediatric care team and running the patient care units 24 hours a day.

A pediatric anesthesiologist has qualifications & expertise in providing sedation and assisting in ensuring successful surgical procedures for a child that has an illness, injury, or disease.  They are trained as an anesthesiologist and then complete at least an additional year of specialized training in caring for infants & children.

A pharmacist prepares the medicine that is ordered by doctors.  They are able to provide expert input regarding the use, effectiveness, dosing, and side effects of medications.  They are also the lead team member of our pain team—a specialized group that is available to problem solve concerns about pain management for your child. 

A registered dietician ensures that your child received the appropriate nutrition they need to grow & develop.

Occupational Therapy (OTs):
Pediatric OTs provide evaluation of & treatment for oral motor, fine motor, & visual motor deficits.  They facilitate activities of daily living (ADLs) including self-care, play, & community reintegration.  They are also responsible for providing or fabricating splinting and positioning devices as needed. 

Physical Therapy (PTs):
Pediatric PTs provide evaluation of & treatment for gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and mobility. 

Speech Language Pathology (SLPs or Speech Therapy):
Pediatric SLPs provide evaluation of & treatment for speech & language skills, cognitive skills and oral-motor/feeding skills. 

Respiratory Therapy (RTs):
RTs provide evaluation of & treatment for breathing & cardiopulmonary disorders.  They are integral in the care of children on ventilators (breathing machines) and provide training/education for children requiring respiratory support therapies (oxygen, inhalers, breathing treatments, etc.) upon discharge. 

Social Workers:
Social workers are trained professionals who work with children & their families to provide appropriate hospital & community resources and emotional support.  Resources include housing such as the Ronald McDonald House, transportation, and food.  They are essential to the planning process for discharge from the hospital. 

Health Unit Coordinators:
A health unit coordinator (HUC) provides administrative support for our team.  From answering patient call lights to ensuring that our medical charts are in order, the HUCs are a key ingredient to the effective functioning of our team. 

Housekeeping & Facilities:
Being away from home & your own room or bed can be tough.  Fortunately, we have a team of hard working individuals to make sure your room is clean, comfortable &in working order.

Child Life Specialist:
CMC is working to add a child life specialist to our team.  Child life specialists are trained professionals who focus primarily on your child and their emotional & developmental needs.  They help your child cope with the stress of a procedure or hospital stay while providing developmentally supportive activities to teach, stimulate &/or distract them.  

A chaplain is available upon request to provide care & support during the often difficult times of illness, injury, crisis & loss.  The service is non-denominational and respectful of all faith traditions &/or cultural beliefs.