Arm Lift

Surgery to remove excess skin and fat from your upper arm can be done with several different incision patterns. At Community Physicians Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Marshall will take time to talk with you about which arm lift technique is best for you, and answer all your questions about the procedure and your recovery.

Depending on the amount and location of your excess skin, Dr. Marshall may make an incision along the inside of your arm or along the back of your arm. This incision may extend from your underarm to just above your elbow, or somewhere in between.

With the incision made, Dr. Marshall will cut away excess fat or remove it with liposuction. The supporting tissue inside your arm will be tightened and reshaped, and your skin will be smoothed over your arm’s new contour. Excess skin will be removed.

Dr. Marshall will give you specific instructions on how to care for your incision as it heals. This may include an elastic bandage around your arm to minimize swelling, and medications to help relieve pain and avoid infection. Most people recover from arm lift surgery in about four to six weeks. Patients can help ensure their results are long-lasting with a healthy diet and exercise.

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