Body Contouring After Bariatric Surgery

A series of surgeries can help improve the contours of your body after substantial weight loss. At Community Physicians Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Marshall will take time to talk with you about which combination of body contouring techniques is best for you.  He will also answer all your questions about the procedures and your recovery. He may recommend some or all of these:

Dr. Marshall will talk to you about the timing of these surgeries. The incisions are strategically placed to be well hidden when wearing normal clothing. You’ll need approximately 4 to 6 weeks to recover before your next procedure.

To view videos about this topic, please visit our Plastic Surgery Videos page. Please note, these should be only be viewed by those over 18 or with adult supervision.  Contact Dr. Marshall's office at 406-327-3895 if you have any questions.

Patients of Dr. Marshall may have been given access to the before and after photo gallery. If you would like access please contact our office.