Breast Lift

This procedure can be done with several techniques, which differ mainly in their incision pattern. At Community Physicians Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Marshall will take time to talk with you about which breast lift technique is best for you and answer all your questions about the procedure and your recovery.

Depending on the characteristics of your breasts, Dr. Marshall may recommend different types of incisions. The type of incision is very important to the final outcome of your surgery, and any scars from additional incisions will become much less visible over time.

With the incisions made, Dr. Marshall will lift and reshape the underlying breast tissue. Nipples are lifted to a higher position that looks more natural with your reshaped breast, and excess skin is removed.

After your breast lift surgery, Dr. Marshall will give you instructions for caring for your healing incision. You may use medications to help relieve pain and lower the risk for infection. Most women recover from this surgery in about two to three weeks.

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