Aquatics - CMC Warm Water Pool Classes

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Improve strength, endurance and flexibility in a comfortable, supportive, fun group setting!
Warm water pool therapy is one of the reasons Community Medical Center's Rehabilitation Institute of Montana is a regional leader in rehabilitation.  Exercising in water helps to increase strength and circulation while reducing pain and decreasing stress on joints and muscles.  In addition to supporting individual therapeutic sessions, our pool provides a fun and inviting atmosphere for a variety of group exercise programs designed to improve participants’ health.  Individuals share experiences in a small, relaxed and fun group setting while achieving their health goals through exercise.

Some classes are open to the public, while others require an order from your physician or provider.
Orders can be faxed to 327-4496

Class Sessions are six weeks.
COST: $24 once a week / $48.00 twice a week

*For all classes, please bring a swimsuit and towel.  Showers and changing rooms are available. 

A Variety of Warm-Water Classes Designed by Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists:

AQUATICS MOVEMENT THERAPY for adults with arthritis
Our therapeutic pool offers the ideal environment. The warm water provides comfort, support, and freedom to maximize movement and minimize discomfort associated with arthritis.

Tuesday and Thursday           12:05 - 1:05pm
Tuesday and Friday                1:05pm (Tues) and 12:05pm (Friday)
Tuesday and Thursday           4:15 - 5:05pm

(Requires an order from your physician/provider)​

CANCER SURVIVOR WATER FITNESS for people who have felt the impact of cancer on their lives
A small, supportive environment uses warm-water exercise to positively impact aerobic functioning, level of fatigue and quality of life.

Thursday 7:15 - 8:05pm

(Requires an order from your physician/provider)

FIRST SPLASH for parents and their infants or toddlers
Kids, ages two months to two years, experience the joy of playing in water, while moms and/or dads connect and bond with their young ones.

Monday           5:10 – 6:00pm
Wednesday     5:10 – 6:00pm
Thursday         6:10 – 6:45pm

(Must sign pool release)

GO WITH THE FLOW for chronic pain
Participants enjoy the increased comfort of movement while participating in this low-impact warm-water exercise program. The support of others dealing with pain in their lives provides encouragement to manage the pain in your own life.

Monday           12:00pm
Wednesday     12:00pm

(Requires an order from your physician/provider)

MOMercise for pregnant women and new moms
This supportive environment allows pregnant women an opportunity to exercise and stay healthy while sharing experiences with other expectant moms at this exciting time in life.

Tuesday and Thursday 5:10 - 6:05

(Requires an order from your physician/provider)

SWEET 'N LOW for adults with diabetes
This aquatic exercise class for adults with diabetes is an ideal supplement for any active diabetic management program.

Monday and Wednesday 4:15 - 5:05pm

(Requires an order from your physician/provider)


INDEPENDENT POOL - (Must sign pool release)

Monday - Friday
8:45 - 10:15 AM
3:15 - 4:45 PM

$40 for 10 visits

For inquiries, please call (406) 327-4634.