Frenchtown Clinic

Location: 16862 Beckwith Street, Suite Q, Frenchtown

Mailing Address: PO Box 955, Frenchtown, MT 59834

Phone: (406) 327-4046

The Community Physician Group clinic in Frenchtown provides primary care in a friendly, patient-centered office just 15 minutes from Missoula. The clinic also welcomes walk-in patients, and the short wait-times for these visits make it a good alternative to a busy Missoula clinic. With a board-certified family physician and a pediatric and family nurse practitioner on staff, the Frenchtown Clinic is a good place to go for your family’s healthcare needs – from young children to older adults.

Care Team

The staff at the Frenchtown Clinic always put the patient first – you and your family are the most important members of your care team. Our providers include:

    Stacey Riffe-Paul, FNP, PNP.   James Quirk, DO.  
    Stacey Riffe, 
  James Quirk, MD  


Stacey Riffe, FNP, PNP. Stacey began her career as a pediatric nurse practitioner in Texas. She was also attracted to caring for families and older adults, and after moving to Montana she became certified as a family nurse practitioner. Stacey enjoys working collaboratively with patients and families to reach their healthcare goals. She also finds time to go hiking and fishing with her husband and their two labradoodles.

James Quirk, MD. As a board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Quirk provides comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and was named Outstanding Clinic Preceptor in the Family Medicine Residency for Western Montana in 2014. Dr. Quirk is also a member of the Montana Medical Association Leadership Class of 2015. When he is not caring for patients, Dr. Quirk enjoys fishing, bicycling and riding horses.


The Frenchtown Clinic is a convenient place to establish your primary care, which includes services such as annual physicals and treatment for many illnesses and injuries. Our care providers are committed to treating the whole person, and they take time to consider your overall health during every visit.

Our services also include:

  • Pediatric primary care. Both Dr. Quirk and Stacey Riffe, FNP, PNP, are trained and experienced at treating children as well as adults.
  • Vaccinations. We provide all childhood vaccinations as well as boosters for older children and adults. And under the Federal Vaccines for Children program, we provide vaccinations at a reduced cost for children who are uninsured or underinsured.
  • Follow-up care. If you’ve seen a specialist or had a recent surgery or procedure, we can coordinate with your surgeon or other specialist to give you the necessary follow-up exams and care.
  • Concussion check. We partner with Frenchtown High School nursing staff to educate students, teachers and coaches about recognizing the symptoms of concussion. Anyone who has had a blow to the head can walk in to have an examination to check for this condition, and to get advice on how to care for it or get further treatment.
  • Annual and work-related physicals. We perform Department of Transportation physicals and do assessments of Worker’s Compensation injuries. We also perform regular annual physical exams.
  • Referral to specialists or other care. If you need specialized care, we will refer you to a specialist at Community Physician Group or another physician of your choice. We can also put you in touch with a social worker who can help with services such as counseling and financial aid.
  • Urgent care. We treat walk-in patients for many medical problems, including stitches for most lacerations. We draw blood and collect urine for laboratory work, process some lab tests at the clinic and send others to Community Medical Center, or other locations as needed. We also perform electrocardiogram (ECG) exams to help diagnose heart problems.
  • Emergency transport. If you need emergency care, we immediately arrange transportation to the emergency department of your choice. The local ambulance service is only blocks away.

Convenient Location

Our office is just off Interstate 90 at the Frenchtown Exit, in the Frenchtown Shopping Center. That makes us a quick stop for people in western Missoula County or Mineral County who don’t want to travel all the way to Missoula. We are located next door to an independent pharmacy, which makes filling prescriptions quick and easy. And if you need emergency medical help, we can quickly arrange for an ambulance to take you to Missoula.