Cline, Melinda

Cline, Melinda LCSW, PHM-C, CLC

Sub Specialty: Perinatal Mental Health
Department: Maternal Fetal Medicine
Organization: CPG Maternal Fetal Medicine
Address: 2825 Fort Missoula Road, Building 1, Ste. 317, Missoula, MT 59804
Phone: 406-327-3924, Ext.

Populations Served:  Women ages 16+

Melinda helps women and their families respond to psychosocial issues that emerge during the period from pre-pregnancy through an infant’s first year of life. When a perinatal loss occurs (infertility, miscarriage, fetal diagnosis, still birth or neonatal death), Melinda helps families to understand, express, and cope with feelings of grief. She provides support for women and families as they navigate medical challenges, process complex information about pregnancies and neonates as well as assisting with community supports.