Employment Services

The WORCcenter has been successfully helping individuals with disabilities obtain jobs for more than 25 years.  The WORCcenter staff understands the importance of employment.  We will work with you to search for and find a good job match.

Our experienced employment specialists can assist you with:

  • Employment Information
  • Identification of your employment goals
  • Development of a professional resume 
  • Identification of potential job openings 
  • Completion of job applications
  • Employment interview techniques

WORCcenter staff members are in frequent contact with employers and business organizations throughout the business community.  These employment specialists will promote you and your skills to employers and provide you with job leads.

Working for you, our staff coordinates with the Missoula Job Service and other employment agencies.  They will provide you support and advocacy for you.  Assistance may include coordination of on-th-job training and tax credits.  Follow-up services are also offered.

Community-Based Experience
There are times when additional evaluation or work experience is provided through our Community-Based Experience.  A job site is selected with you at a local business.  You will have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities on the job.  During this short-term process you will be given weekly information about your performance and potential for competitive work.

Supported Employment
If you need additional assistance because of the nature of your disability, Suported Employment may be an option.  This program provides long-term support.  Our job coach can assist you with learning and maintaining your job.

Job development is provided.  We contact employers and help them to recognize your abilities.