Caring Bridge

What is CaringBridge?
CaringBridge offers a means to create protected websites for connecting people when it matters most.


The Benefits of CaringBridge
CaringBridge transforms your personal connections into support when you need it most. By creating a free CaringBridge website, people in a time of need can share updates, photos and videos, connecting with friends and family who care and want to help.

Share Updates
Keep everyone up-to-date with Journal entries, where you can easily share the latest with people who care and want to support you.

“There have been very scary times­--on the way to the ER or right after I heard bad news that left me heartbroken--when I turned to my CaringBridge Journal first. I knew that putting it out there, the support would come flooding in when we most needed it. It was the easiest way for us to share news fast.” --Nikki Pierson

Words of Encouragement
Feel the difference a community can make. Family and friends can provide messages of love and hope through a CaringBridge Guestbook.

"I think my favorite part of using CaringBridge is reading the encouraging notes people leave." --Shawna Farrar

Coordinate Everyday Help
In a time of need, everyone wants to step up and help. Your Planner helps coordinate and schedule tasks such as delivering meals, providing childcare and arranging transportation.

“Once we created our Planner, people would bring us meals and it just made such a difference having one less thing to have to take care of each day.” --Lori Hannasch

Safe, Secure and Ad-Free
Your news and updates are as private as you make them or as public as you want them to be. You can select a customized security setting to control who can go to your website, in a completely ad-free environment.

“Initially we had a private CaringBridge website but after hearing how people were being positively impacted by us sharing our journey, we decided to make it public.” –- Mary Grampp