Live Well

Live Well – Community Medical Center Employee Wellness Program

Live Well – Community Medical Center Employee Wellness Program
Community Medical Center’s Live Well program aims high: Our mission is to have the healthiest employees in Montana. Our vision is to provide safe and evidence-based wellness programs that promote individual well being and, in doing so, enhance patient care. We offer the following programs:

  1. Be tobacco free
  2. Get active
  3. Eating right made easier
  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana tools for health
  5. Employee assistance program

These programs put you on the road to wellness. Of course, that’s not the same as being free of any illness. In fact, people with chronic conditions can be well if they keep their disease under control. Here "wellness" means reaching your best personal health and fitness, and staying there. We believe that as more Community employees achieve wellness—and feel great—our patient care will be enhanced. In some cases, we offer incentives to use these programs. But the best reason to take part in Live Well programs is to do yourself the invaluable favor of improving your health. It just takes one step to begin, and it starts here.

Continue reading to discover more about each program.

1. Be tobacco free
You don’t have to work in a health profession to know that tobacco is not your friend. The list of health risks linked to smoking and other tobacco use makes the news daily. The financial impact can also be significant: Each year medical care for conditions attributable to smoking cost Montanans more than $227 million. That’s on top of paying for tobacco products—the cost of one pack of cigarettes can be more than $6. But here’s the good news: When you quit, your body starts to recover within hours!

Light at the end of the tunnel
Within 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your circulation, breathing and blood pressure start to improve and the carbon monoxide level in your blood begins to decline. Within a few weeks you’ll likely notice less coughing and wheezing, improved skin appearance and an increase in energy and stamina . Additionally, your sense of smell and taste will normalize so your food will begin to taste better. Quitting tobacco use also lowers longer-term health risks, regardless of your age. The younger you are the more your risks will be reduced, but even people who quit at age 60 will improve their life expectancy. Click here to read more about the benefits of quitting.

We’ll help you get there
Improving your health by quitting tobacco is a great goal. So is clearing the air around you—your secondhand smoke puts others at risk.
To get you started, we’re removing roadblocks that can making quitting more difficult. For example:

  • Your visit to a Community Physician Group provider for tobacco cessation counseling is covered at 100% by our health plan.
  • Prescription medications for smoking cessation (i.e. Chantix or Zyban) are also covered at 100% by our health plan when received through the Community pharmacy.
  • If you use nicotine replacement therapy, such as a patch, you can get a free replacement from Employee Health if you forget yours or lose it while you’re at work.

We also encourage you to use the Montana Tobacco Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).

The finish line
Quitting is never easy, even when you know the health benefits of being tobacco free. That’s why we’ve established another incentive. As a non-tobacco user, you’ll get a reduction in your health insurance premium of $15 per month. Here’s how it works:

  • If you are not a tobacco user, click here to  print and complete the Certification of Non-Tobacco Use form.
  • If you currently use tobacco but are attempting to quit, click here to print and complete the Tobacco Cessation Program Certification form.
  • Submit completed forms to Human Resources.  If your spouse is also on your health insurance plan, he or she must also complete a form in order for you to be eligible for the $15 per month incentive. 
  • If you quit tobacco use or enroll in an approved cessation program, you can submit your form at any time.  If you do not complete a form, you will not receive the premium incentive.  If you have questions about Community’s tobacco-free programs, call 327-4007.

Approved tobacco cessation programs include:

  • Office visits for individualized tobacco cessation program
  • Montana Quit Line 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • Other programs that your healthcare provider may recommend for you.

You can do it
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just over 22 percent of adults in Montana smoke and about 7 percent use smokeless tobacco. But we’re up to the challenge of lowering those numbers—the same report ranked us 8th in the nation for the percentage of smokers attempting to quit. It often takes several tries to quit using tobacco, so don’t give up. And the best time to start—even if it’s not your first attempt—is now.

2. Get Active
Are you ready to sleep better, have more energy, reduce your stress and strengthen your muscles? Research shows that regular physical activity can do all that, and also lower your risks for conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes. It can also help control your weight.

That’s a powerful benefits package. But for a lot of people, just finding time to be active is their biggest obstacle. That’s why we’ve established our Live Well program, with these exercise and fitness opportunities that you can fit around your work day.

  • Boot camp, led by Leilani Bolenbaugh.  Meet on the lawn between buildings 4 and 5 every Tuesday and Thursday for interval training and full body strengthening. The class runs from 5:15 p.m to 6:00 p.m.
  • YMCA Pi-Yo. A YMCA instructor comes to Community to lead this morning Pilates-Yoga fusion class. It’s in the Gallagher Board Room from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • Stevensville Body-Mind Class. Come to the Community Medical Center Stevensville Clinic conference room for a class on stretching, breathing and meditation. It takes place every Monday from 12:15 pm. to 12:45 p.m.

Employees and their families can all participate in these classes. And the price is right: Try the first class for free, and then buy a punch card for 5 classes ($10) or 10 classes ($20).
The punch cards are available at Rose Merrie’s Gift Shop. If you’re in Stevensville or another off campus location, you can call the Gift Shop at 327-4066 to buy the punch card over the phone and they will mail it to you.

A number of area fitness establishments have stepped up to offer discounts for Community Medical Center employees and their families.  Please contact your local fitness establishments to find out if they offer a discount.

3. Eating right made easier
Eating nutritious foods is a recipe for better health. At Community Medical Center, Nurtrition Services takes that a step further by giving you meal options that are not only good for you, but taste delicious. You’ll see healthy choices everywhere, even in the vending machines with their “Fit Pick” options that are 40% lower in fat and sugar.
When it’s time for a real meal, you’ll find it at:

  • The Big Sky Café. You can count on getting the healthiest and freshest food there, including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, 100% whole grain breads, and locally sourced grass-fed beef. Look for slim-sized portions at the Flavor & Fire/Field of Greens stations. To view the menu, click on "Big Sky Café" found in the side menu to the left.
  • Big Sky Café Catering. If you have an event coming up, Big Sky Café Catering can help it succeed with a combination of delicious foods, attentive services and creative presentation. And since your health is always a priority, we offer a variety of healthful options that are low in calories, sodium and saturated fat.

Community also offers these health-promotion programs for our employees and family members:

  • Weight-Watchers at Work. Sign up for these weekly meetings and get all the benefits of Weight-Watchers right here at work. Participating with your co-workers gives you a great network for support and motivation. And if you attend at least 80 percent of the meetings per session we’ll refund half of your membership fee. Weight-Watchers at Work is also available to your family members. Email for more information.
  • Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention Program. Certain risk factors, such as being overweight or having high fasting blood glucose, put you at elevated risk for diabetes. Exercising and losing weight, even just 10 to 15 pounds, can significantly lower those risks. With a referral from your doctor, you can join this 16-week exercise and nutrition program. It’s for people age 18 and older, and classes begin in August and January. For more information, call Maja Petersen at 327-4241.

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana tools for health
Community Human Resources works with Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana (BCBSMT) to offer these programs to help employees get and stay healthy:

Total Health Management
With the BCBSMT Total Health Management. program, Community employees and their spouses who are on the Community Medical Center health plan partner with their primary care providers to assess their health risks. Community offers a health insurance incentive to people who participate. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Call your primary care provider (PCP) and make an appointment  for a preventive exam. Mention that you’ll be bringing your Total Health Management form to be completed. If you don’t have a PCP, we encourage you to choose one from the Community Practice Group. Click here for a list of these providers.
  • During your preventive exam, ask your PCP to complete the Total Health Management form. Click here for the form. If you have test results from other sources, such as lab results, BMI, cholesterol or blood pressure measurements, bring that information to your appointment to be included on the form.
  • If you’ve seen your PCP recently (on or after September 30, 2012), you can use information from that visit. Please contact your PCP’s office and arrange to have the Total Health Management form filled out.
  • Have your PCP sign the form, and also sign it yourself.
  • Submit the completed Total Health Management form directly to BCBSMT by September 30, 2013. You can fax it to (406) 437-7848 or mail it to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, Attn: THM, PO Box 430i, Helena, MT 59601-4309.

Your personal health information is confidential, and will not be shared with your employer.

Well With Blue
BCBSMT and Community are also collaborating to bring you Well With Blue. This free, online program offers a self-directed wellness assessment that gives you an overview of your current health risks.You’ll also find tools to help you improve your health, such as a fitness planner and other personalized programs you can use to make small changes that can add up to big results. Well With Blue can tailor information to fit your interests, making it easier for you to make healthy lifestyle changes. It’s designed to help you work with your PCP to reach your health goals. The information you enter is private and protected under HIPAA, and your spouse and dependents over age 18 can also use Well With Blue.

To access this program, go to and log in with your 9-digit Health Plan ID number. If you’re not on the CMC health plan, use the letters CMCX followed by your Employee ID number to access Well With Blue. For example:

  • If you have a five-digit ID number, just precede it with CMCX. For example, if your ID number were 99999, your login would be CMCX99999:
  • Employees with a four-digit ID number should add the number 1 before their ID number, in this format: CMCX1999.
  • Employees with a three-digit ID number should add the number 10 before their ID number, in this format: CMCX10999.

Spouses who are not on the Community Medical Center health plan can email for instructions on accessing Well With Blue.

Be a Wellness winner
The Well With Blue Wellness Assessment takes only about 20 minutes to complete, and can bring you lasting benefits. Besides getting healthier, you could also win a prize. Do your Wellness Assessment by December 6, 2013 and you will be entered into a one-time Grand Prize drawing for a prize of up to $3000! The Grand Prize amount depends on how many people complete the Wellness Assessment, so get your CMC friends and family involved. As more people take the WWB Wellness Assessment, the prize will increase to:

  • $1500 if up to 749 people take it.
  • $2000 if between 750 and 999 people take it.
  • $3000 if 1000 or more people take it.

Taking the assessment also gives you an ongoing chance at winning $500. We will do a monthly drawing on the last day of August, September, October, and November.  If you do not win, you will be eligible for subsequent monthly drawings.  So, the sooner you complete your Wellness Assessment, the more opportunities you will have to win!

5. Employee Assistance Program
You don’t have to have a high-pressure job to feel stressed out. The demands of everyday life, both at home and at work, can become overwhelming for anyone.
When that happens, or when you have any concern that affects your well-being, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help. People turn to EAP for concerns such as:

  • Relationship issues.
  • Depression, anxiety, addictive disorders and other issues of emotional well-being.
  • Legal and financial problems.
  • Workplace challenges, such as a difficult relationship with a co-worker or supervisor.

EAP is strictly confidential. It’s free, and it’s also available to your family members. To find out more, contact Human Resources. Or make an appointment by calling 1-800-932-0034.