Name Specialty Phone
Bailey, Michelle PA-C Physician Assistant P: 406-327-4312
Balderston, Keith MD P: 406-327-4640
Balmforth, Gregory MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Barack, Ashley MD Anesthesiology P: 406-728-8420
Barrett, Ryan NP NP-C Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391
Basiaga, Matthew DO Pediatrics P: 406 327- 4279
Bauer, David M. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Beals, Daniel MD, FACS, FAAP Pediatric Surgery P: 406-327-4730
Beatty, Patrick G. MD, PHD Hematology P: (406)-327-3911
Bell, John MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Bell, Julia A. MD, MPH Psychiatry P: (406) 327-3911
Benson, Adam J. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Benton, Don J. FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 327-4312
Bertane, Lynn E. FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406)-327-3880
Bhat, Ishwar MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Bloom, Jeanne FNP Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-3880

Bohnert, John C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Bollen, Bruce A. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Bolton, Travis L. MD Hospitalist P: (406)-728-4100
Bond-Deschamps, Joan M. PA-C Physician Assistant P: 406-721-4436
Borge, Sarah MD Family Practice P: 406-541-9222
Bottsford-Miller, Justin N MD Oncology P: 406 238-2420
Braak, Beverly L. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology P: (406)-327-3875
Braby, Daniel E. MD Otolaryngology P: (406)-728-3506
Brake, Joel A. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Brinkley, Peter L. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Brower, Jayson MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Brownlee, Clare L. MD Internal Medicine P: (406)-327-3850
Brunkan, Richard MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Buckley, Taylor MD Orthopedic Surgery P: 406 728-728-6101
Buckner, Tyler MD Pediatric Hematology Oncology P: 406-327-4279
Burke, Timothy F. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology P: (406)-721-9999
Buxton, Francienne FNP-C Nurse Practitioner P: 406-721-0533