Community Medical Center Diabetes Education Program
Please call (406)-327-4325 for a list of all of Community's diabetes care locations.

Diabetes Education for Children and Adults
Learn how to control your diabetes and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Community Medical Center’s Diabetes Education Program will teach you how to control your diabetes, reduce the risk of complications and to help you improve your overall health.

A Personalized Program
Our specially trained staff, certified in diabetes education, will help you establish a diabetes management plan for your individual needs and lifestyle.  You may meet one on one, or in a group, with a diabetes nurse educator and a registered dietitian to create a realistic program for managing your diabetes.  Follow-up sessions are included to help you keep on track.

A Team Approach
Our diabetes team will work in conjunction with your personal physician in managing your diabetes.  Your family may also be a part of your support team.

Staying Healthy with Diabaetes
Community Medical Center’s diabetes team will answer your questions about:

  • Signs and symptoms of high or low blood glucose
  • How you can use diet, exercise and medications to control your diabetes
  • The equipment and techniques you can use to monitor your blood glucose
  • How to achieve or maintain a healthy weight
  • Carbohydrate counting, low-fat eating, reading food labels and eating out
  • How to care for your overall health to help avoid future complications of diabetes

ADA Recognition
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recognizes programs that demonstrate exceptional care in the treatment of people with diabetes.  Community Medical Center’s Diabetes Education Program has been recognized by ADA since 1995. 

Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Certification from the Joint Commission
Joint Commission recognizes hospitals that have shown excellence in inpatient diabetes care and are dedicated to continuous quality improvement in diabetes management.  Community Medical Center received our recognition in 2011.  Recognition includes participation in a national data base for comparison of our performance with ADA evidence-based practice guidelines.  In addition to your admitting diagnosis, we will focus on your diabetes care throughout your hospital stay.

Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention Program
Community Medical Center offers a program of combined nutrition education and exercise guidance aimed at risk reduction for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Eligibility is based on known risk factors for diabetes and heart disease including overweight, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  The program includes 16 weekly sessions regarding healthy eating, physical activity and behavioral changes followed by six monthly follow-up sessions.  This program is funded by a the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.