Laboratory Services

First Lab
Community Medical Center is pleased to introduce a new service that allows you to monitor your own health by obtaining laboratory tests without a physician’s order. CMC’s First Lab is available to anyone who wishes to order from a menu of laboratory tests, including:

  • lipid panels,
  • glucose tests to determine blood sugar levels,
  • pregnancy tests
  • prostate specific antigen blood tests (PSAs)

No appointment is necessary. Simply visit the Lab conveniently located just inside the front entrance of the main hospital at 2827 Fort Missoula Road.

  • First Lab test results establish a baseline for future comparison and provide an overview of your current health. The tests help you to monitor health risks based on family history. First Lab helps to identify health changes and allows for early disease detection.
  • Testing assists in monitoring and managing existing health conditions.
  • First Lab provides information to help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

In addition to the tests listed above, First Lab offers tests for blood count; blood type; cardiac risk panel; comprehensive chemistry panel; diabetes management panel; health panels for both men and women; hepatitis A, B and C; mononucleosis; thyroid screens; urinalysis; and rubella testing to obtain marriage licenses. Fasting is required for some tests.

Although test results are mailed directly to you, First Lab encourages you to provide a copy of the results to your regular healthcare provider. Insurance is not billed. Payment is accepted at the time of service.

CMC First Lab is located at the main entrance of the hospital, off Fort Missoula Road:

2827 Fort Missoula Road
(406) 327-4077
Missoula, MT 59804 

Monday–Friday*: 6:30 am – 5:30 pm
Labs can also be drawn at any Community FirstCare location (Downtown, Brooks St. & North Reserve)

Saturday & Sunday*: Closed
*Please visit any Community FirstCare location or the Emergency Room

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