Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby


We're proud to say we've brought Montana over 1,500 new faces a year for decades - that's thousands of babies delivered throughout our history, and today we still have the only Level III NICU in Western Montana. But numbers don't matter; people do. When it comes to caring for you and your child, Community delivers. 

Click on the videos below to view some of our favorite newborn delivery success stories.

Zeyda's Story

"We brought Zeyda home, because we brought her to Community."

Zeyda was born weighing just 12.7 oz., about the size of a soda can. At any other hospital, baby Zeyda may not have survived. But over three decades of experience have taught Community that not every birth goes as planned.  So we were prepared and had everything Zeyda needed very close at hand. For instance, rushing her to our neonatal intensive care unit meant simply moving her into the next room. Today, Zeyda and her family are thriving.

Tiffany - Zeyda's Nurse

Ashley - Zeyda's Mom

Dr. Bonnie Stephens - Zeyda's Neonatologist


Colin & Lexie's Story

"When our plans changed, Community delivered."

When Colin and Lexie Hickey arrived at Community, we embraced their desire for a home birth. Their team was welcomed as a part of Community. We made sure that their needs were accommodated here at Community. We believe parents' choices should always be heard because plans may change.  At Community, compassionate care is always our priority. Not only did we welcome their plans, we helped welcome their kids home.

Colin Hickey - Dad

Lara Porrini - Colin and Lexie's Nurse

The Trexler's Story

"We trust in tradition. We trust in Community."

Famiy heritage thrives at Community. We've been delivering babies and growing with families in Western Montana for over 98 years. We've learned that family tradition is as important as giving the best care possible. We share your success because we share your values. Our family tradition is your healthy family. 

Kari Trexler - Mom

Jan Wickman - Nurse

Are you expecting or staring to your family planning adventure? We invite you to take a tour of our Women’s and Newborn facility at Community. We offer tours on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm and Thursday mornings at 10:00 am. No need to call ahead and register, please just arrive at the hospital front desk and a nurse from our Women’s and Newborn Center will meet you and give you the tour. All participants will also receive a free, 30 minute childbirth education class.