CPG Providers

Meet Community Physician Group (CPG). We are a dedicated group of well-trained, Board certified, health professionals who together provide comprehensive primary and specialty care for you and your family. Our 14 locations in and around Missoula provide 24/7 coverage to promote your health and resolve health problems when they arise. We are part of Community Medical Center (CMC) and are therefore well-connected to hospital services as well as to other health professionals in the area. We urge you to choose our providers and clinics for your ongoing medical needs. In addition to being excellent professionals, we think you will find our people to be engaging and interesting community members in their own right. Welcome to our group!

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Name Specialty Phone
Acher, Charles MD, MPH Colorectal Surgery P: (406) 728-0285a
Alexander, Sheryl DC, PA-C Cardiology P: (406) 327-4646a
Anderson, Kristin MD, MPH Family Practice P: (406) 327-4312a
Archie, Patrick H MD Oncology and Hematology P: (406) 327-3911a
Barrett, Ryan PNP Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391a
Baumgartner, Paul MD, MPH OB / GYN P: (406) 327-4640
Baumgartner, Tondy MD OB / GYN P: (406) 327-4640
Bausch, Bryann LCSW Maternal Mental Health P: (406) 327-4640a
Becker, Polly LCSW LCSW P: 406-327-4279a
Bell, Julia A. MD, MPH Psychiatry P: (406) 327-3911a
Benton, Don J. FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 327-4312a
Bertane, Lynn E. FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406)-327-3880a
Bloom, Jeanne FNP Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-3880
Bottsford-Miller, Justin N MD Oncology P: 406 238-2500a
Brownlee, Clare L. MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850a
Cady, Carol MD, PhD Allergy & Immunology P: (406) 327-3819a
Chaudhary, Shahid MD Nephrology P: 406-327-4283a
Coots, Bradley MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: 406-327-3895a
Croteau, David MD, FAAFP Family Practice P: (406) 777-2775 a
Danaher, Patrick R. DO Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246a
Doyle, Carlyn CPNP Pediatric Gastroenterology, Bowel Management and Burn Care P: (406) 327-4729a
Drakulich, Dionne MD OB / GYN P: (406) 327-4640
Elkins, Kelsey APRN, FNP Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246a
Faaborg, Sarah MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850a
Foster, Brian PA-C Walk-in Care P: (406) 493-3120a
Gibbs, Kelli PA-C Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation P: (406) 327-4308a
Gilbert, Jennifer C. MD Family Practice P: (4060 327-3880a
Glasser, Bernadette FNP-C Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-3882a
Glibbery, Brandi FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 721-0533a
Goulet, Christopher C MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911a
Gregory, Kelly FNP-BC Nurse Practitioner P: 406-721-0533a
Gwozdz, Cindy NNP-BC Neonatology P: 406 327-4058a
Haller, Wendy A. NP Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391a
Haseman, Whitney MD Geriatric Medicine P: (406) 327-3850a
Hathaway, Courtney MD Family Practice & Obstetrics P: (406) 327-3880a
Herndon, Sharon FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 721-0533a
Hill, Mariah DNP, CNM, ARNP Certified Nurse-Midwife P: (406) 327-4640
Holbrook, Bradley MD OB / GYN P: (406) 327-3924 a
Johns, Karin M. PA-C Family Medicine P: (406) 777-2775a
Kellogg, Morgan MD, FACC, FSCAI Interventional Cardiology P: (406) 327-4646a
Kemple, Steve C. DO Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246a
Kon, Alexander MD, FAAP, FCCM Pediatric Critical Care Medicine P: (888) 487-8635 | (406) 327-4726a
Krause, William MD, FCCP Critical Care Medicine / Pulmonology P: 24-7 Consult / Referral Line: (406) 327-4726a
Larkin, Julie PMHNP-BC Psychiatry P: (406) 327-4351a
Liptzin, Deborah MD, MS Pediatric Pulmonology P: (406) 327-3819a
McNutt, Matt FNP, WCC, DWC Family Practice P: 406.327.3880 a
McVay-Ries, Susannah APRN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner P: 406 327-4058a
Meinbresse, Katy MSN, FNP-BC Family Practice P: 406-327-3880a
Merguerian, Paul MD, MS Pediatric Urology P: (406) 327-4729a
Miller, Leah MD, MPH OB/GYN P: (406) 327-4640a
Minor, Robert MD, FACC Interventional Cardiology P: 406-327-4646a
Monahan, Beth RN, FNP Oncology / Hematology P: 406 327-4294a
Morton, Wendy FNP Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850a
Olson, Larissa LCSW LCSW P: 406-541-7246a
Pallesi, Angela MD General Surgery P: (406) 728-0285a
Parenzin, Patrick PA-C Pediatric Orthopedics & Sports Medicine P: (406) 327-4729a
Paxinos, Terri BSN Oncology Nurse Navigator P: 406 327-3911a
Pettit, Loreen MD Neonatology P: (406) 327-4058a
Porte, Donna FNP-BC Palliative Care P: (406) 327-3911a
Proper, Michelle A MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911a
Randall, Thomas A. MD Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391a
Richards, Timothy B. MD General Surgery P: (406) 728-0285a
Ries, Justin A. MD Family Practice P: (406) 327-3880a
Rivey, Debra LCSW P: 406 327-3911a
Roberts, Morgan PA-C Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246a
Saenz, Danielle DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitaiton P: (406) 327-4308a
Schallenkamp, John M MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911a
Scott, Leslie A. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391a
Shepard, Jennifer MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850a
Shurtz, Joe DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation P: (406) 327-4308a
Sidey, Atarah MD Family Medicine P: (406) 777-2775a
Simmons, Sandra B. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391a
Sluder, Lisa AGACNP-BC Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-4035a
Smith, Paul G. DO Pediatric Pulmonology P: (406) 327-4279a
Stephens, Bonnie MD Neonatology P: Referral / Consult Line: (406) 327-4726a
Stephens, Bonnie MD Developmental Pediatrics P: (406) 327-4279a
Stritzke, Andrew MD Family Practice P: 406-327-3880a
Suh, Elizabeth L. MD General Surgery P: (406) 327-3943a
Suprenant, Stephanie MD, MPH Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: (406) 327-3895a
Swartz, Nicole FNP Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246a
Tai, Frederick W. MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850a
Tall Bull, Kodi NP-C Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 721-0533a
Thayer, Kristine MD, FACS, FAAP Pediatric Surgery P: (406) 327-4730a
Waldo, Douglas MD, FACC Cardiology P: 406-327-4646a
Washburn Tolsma, Kristi MD Neonatology P: (406) 327-4058a
Wellman, Stacie MD Family Practice & Obstetrics P: (406) 327-3880a
Young, Allison A. MD, FAAP Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391a
Zehnpfennig, Michael MD, FACS Minimally-Invasive Colon & Rectal Surgery P: (406) 728-0285a