CMC Celebrates Certified Nurses Day

In celebration of Certified Nurses Day, recognized annually on March 19th, CMC wants to congratulate all of our nurses that have achieved this important professional milestone, and for those still considering it, here are some excellent reasons to pursue specialty nursing certification:

Certified Nurses demonstrate greater confidence in decision making, increased patient safety, and higher patient satisfaction. Also, certified nurses have been shown to be more likely to provide care based on evidence-based guidelines.

Specialty certification sends a message of commitment to a current or potential employer. Nurses who are certified demonstrate a personal responsibility to their education, and in turn, patient care and outcomes. Studies have shown an association between specialty nursing certification and improved nurse retention, higher job satisfaction, and higher nurse performance.

Personal benefits that come with certification are many. The sense of accomplishment, feeling of empowerment, and validation of knowledge has a great impact of confidence. Other benefits can include an impact on salary and career advancement, as well as improved marketability.

We are proud of the following nurses here at CMC who have become certified. Happy Certified Nurses Day!

Thomas Sielski  ICU/CCU             
Natalee Deschamps CHILDBIRTH MISC     
Mary Dickson CHILDBIRTH MISC     
Becky Gottman CHILDBIRTH MISC     
Margaret Stickney CHILDBIRTH MISC     
Anne Dollar EMERGENCY           
Chad Lawrence EMERGENCY           
Alex Redfern EMERGENCY           
Jackson Rowsell EMERGENCY           
Kari Schiffman EMERGENCY           
Deborah Sostillio EMERGENCY           
Ashley Thomas EMERGENCY           
Janet Winters EMERGENCY           
Samantha Davis ENDO                
Emily Martin ENDO                
Laura Sherry HCBS                
Shanda Kitchin ICU/CCU             
Angela Lovato ICU/CCU             
Jack Lowney ICU/CCU             
Margaret Steinberg ICU/CCU             
Kevin Jones INFUSION UNIT       
Ashild Bork LABOR & DELIVERY    
Regina Decristofaro LABOR & DELIVERY    
Lauri Hunton LABOR & DELIVERY    
Garnet Kinney LABOR & DELIVERY    
Diana Liedtka-Holmquist LABOR & DELIVERY    
Donna Martinsen LABOR & DELIVERY    
Elizabeth Maurer LABOR & DELIVERY    
Valerie Petersen LABOR & DELIVERY    
Ruth Schwartz LABOR & DELIVERY    
Emily Smith LABOR & DELIVERY    
Alissa Snowden LABOR & DELIVERY    
Kristine Stanton LABOR & DELIVERY    
Jessica Austin MED/SURG            
Hove, Brooke MED/SURG            
Roberta Rasmussen MED/SURG            
Haeli Sacks MED/SURG            
Danelle Turner MED/SURG            
Kimberly Heaton MEDICAL ONCOLOGY    
Veronica Nelsen MEDICAL ONCOLOGY    
Terri Paxinos MEDICAL ONCOLOGY    
Julian Rogers MEDICAL ONCOLOGY    
Carolyn Streekstra MEDICAL ONCOLOGY    
Catherine Beeler MHAL SVCS           
Jason Raczkiewicz MHAL SVCS           
Wenonah Neuman MOTHER/BABY         
Shannon Packer MOTHER/BABY         
Lorna Robertson MOTHER/BABY         
Debra Sharkey MOTHER/BABY         
Anni Anderson NICU                
Elizabeth Bass NICU                
Julie Bingham NICU                
Katie Clifton NICU                
Jennifer Crawford NICU                
Patti Doyle NICU                
Deborah Guthrie NICU                
Sara Hartley NICU                
Jenora Haxton NICU                
Jenny Hettman NICU                
Mary Hudson NICU                
Olivia Jagelski NICU                
Cari Kaptur NICU                
Laura Keating NICU                
Marsha Kimmet NICU                
Michael Kurz NICU                
Shannon Pederson NICU                
Denielle Richardson NICU                
Tiffany Shanahan NICU                
Jana Swartz NICU                
Torrie Tschan NICU                
Karalee Wiltgen NICU                
Martina Galleryn NURSE FLOAT POOL    
Cleyone Talbot NURSE FLOAT POOL    
Marjorie Allen OP SURGERY          
Carrie Anderson OP SURGERY          
Jan Baty OP SURGERY          
Mindy Bierwag OP SURGERY          
Diane Figge OP SURGERY          
Ladea Loeffler OP SURGERY          
Danielle Moss OP SURGERY          
Teresa Trenary OP SURGERY          
Nancy Madsen ORTHO               
Neomie McShane ORTHO               
Kami Crass PACU                
Michelle Dunifer PACU                
Kay Ganser PACU                
Candice Harrison PACU                
Mary Monahan PACU                
Susan Nelson PACU                
Valerie Stensgar PACU                
Kalyn Ward PACU                
Georgene Weber PAT                 
Lorie Dulemba PEDIATRICS          
Tess Ehli PEDIATRICS          
Jennifer Faiella PEDIATRICS          
Stephanie Garoutte PEDIATRICS          
Adan Geiser PEDIATRICS          
Maria Gurreri PEDIATRICS          
Marjorie Huls PEDIATRICS          
Holly Jewell PEDIATRICS          
Kimberly Johnston PEDIATRICS          
Ashleigh Kearney PEDIATRICS          
Christopher Leder PEDIATRICS          
Angela McCabe PEDIATRICS          
Denise O'Lear PEDIATRICS          
Cathy Scholtens PEDIATRICS          
Brandi Breth REFERRAL CENTER     
Jennifer Jones REFERRAL CENTER     
Rebel Langel REFERRAL CENTER     
Julia McGarvey REFERRAL CENTER     
Vickie Wilson REFERRAL CENTER     
Connie Heaps SURGERY