Community Medical Center Launches TeleStroke in the Emergency Room

Now providing access to immediate stroke care without waiting for an on call physician to arrive at the hospital.

As the leading stroke rehabilitation hospital in Montana, adding telestroke capabilities to the Emergency Room at CMC will now provide around-the-clock immediate access to neurologists. Time is critical to prevent death and to minimize the effects of a stroke. According to the American Stroke Association, 120 million brain cells die every hour during a stroke, so receiving prompt care is key for better outcomes. With the new technology, Community Medical Center’s emergency room physicians connect with neurologists across the country using high-definition video communications with advanced diagnostic tools to help diagnosis and begin immediate treatment. Using telemedicine in the emergency department helps determine what treatment ER physicians should administer without having to wait for an on call physician to consult at the hospital.

SOC Telemed (SOC), the leader in acute care telemedicine, has partnered with Community Medical Center to deliver teleNeurology and emergent teleStroke consult services. The hospital now offers 24/7 neurology coverage, with tele-consults responding within minutes to provide a more reliable process in patient care.

“As a leader in stroke rehabilitation, also providing immediate stroke care is a natural extension of service,” says Hammad Shah, CEO for SOC Telemed. “This enables Community Medical Center to complete the continuum of care in stroke treatment – allowing them the resources to provide patients with immediate access to stroke care, rather than simply a means to rehabilitate.”

“In rural states like Montana, it’s not uncommon to experience physician shortages, especially in a specialty field such as neurology,” notes Alex Redfern, emergency director for Community Medical Center. “Utilizing SOC’s physicians and Telemed IQ for general neuro- and emergent stroke-consults allows us to provide better and more timely care. Telemedicine is bridging the gap in rural communities across the nation – it only makes sense for us to take advantage and come full circle in stroke care.” 

Telemed IQ is in use today in more than 500 hospitals nationwide. The enterprise telemedicine platform is comprehensive and fully customizable, delivering efficiency, operations support, expertise, and partnership needed to achieve program success – now and in the future.