Family Health: Facials provide health benefits for men and women

Popular myths about facials portray them as special treats for women only, or as luxuries for the rich and famous. That’s too bad, because the truth is, facials provide important health benefits for both men and women, famous or not. They clean, hydrate and condition your skin to help keep it healthy. Looking fresh and renewed afterward is a byproduct of this valuable treatment.

The facial process

Facials usually start with a consultation. Your aesthetician will evaluate your skin texture and tone, and ask about the skin products you use at home. He or she will discuss your specific concerns – do you have any problems areas such as blemishes, persistent dry or oil skin, acne or blackheads? It’s a good idea to write down some questions before your appointment so you’ll remember to ask.

The next step is to lie down and relax. Your aesthetician will clean your face and extract any impurities, such as blackheads. He or she may massage your face to stimulate circulation and further relax you. You may also have a specialized steaming process to deep clean your pores.

Your aesthetician will then apply a mask that is specific to your skin type, to treat either dry, oily or normal skin. Facial masks accomplish things such as cleaning your pores, hydrating your skin, removing dead skin cells and other functions. You may have more than one mask per session, to accomplish different goals. Some practitioners perform arm and neck massage while the masks are doing their work, which can take up to 10 minutes.

After these treatments, a moisturizer is applied along with sunscreen and other lotions for your individual skin condition. Aestheticians who work under a doctor’s supervision can use creams, oils and masks that are stronger and more effective than typical facial products.

The benefits – for men and women

Skin that has been treated with a facial is cleaner and more hydrated than otherwise. You’ll have fresh, glowing skin, and any blemishes such as acne scars will be minimized. Women find that makeup goes on more easily, and men get a smoother shave after a facial. Your aesthetician may offer lotions and other products that are fragrance-free or have a scent designed for men.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and your face is the first place people look. Keeping your facial skin conditioned is good for both your physical and mental health. These positive effects come with just one facial. To maintain them, you may want to schedule regular facials approximately every four to six weeks.

Your aesthetician

Professional aestheticians are licensed skin specialists. They spend a year learning about the structure of skin, how to analyze skin types and problems, the effects of various treatments on the skin, the stages of hair growth and other skin issues. They also are trained to identify abnormal skin areas that should be evaluated by a doctor. Licensed aestheticians are dedicated to helping clients achieve the healthiest and best-looking skin possible.