Hospital Donates AED to SnowBowl Volunteer Ski Patrol

SnowBowl Volunteer Ski Patrol received a life-saving donation in the form of an additional AED from Community Medical Center and LifePoint Health. They currently have one AED that is housed in the main ticket office at the base of the mountain. With the additional AED, the patrol will be better equipped to act quickly in the event of a cardiac emergency that happens on or off the mountain. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electronic shock through the chest to the heart. AEDs make it possible for more people to respond to a medical emergency where defibrillation is required, improving survival.

“We are grateful to Community Medical Center for this donation,” said SnowBowl Volunteer Ski Patrol Director, Joe Lustik. “The services our patrol provides have grown with the addition of new ski terrain at SnowBowl and volunteering time to assist local off-mountain events such as running and biking events.” 

Community Medical Center is celebrating the 20th anniversary of LifePoint Health, the health system of which the hospital is a part of, and wanted to support first responders by giving them the tools they need to help save lives. 

“If there are more AEDs available during out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, more lives could be saved,” said Dr. Dean French, CEO for Community Medical Center. “Cold weather combined with a strenuous activity causes heart rate and blood pressure to rise, causing arteries to constrict and decrease blood supply. For some people, this is a perfect storm for a heart attack.”

The volunteer ski patrol is grateful for the AED donation and is currently raising funds for a third AED so patrol can quickly access an AED no matter where they are on the mountain. They would like to have a device at the base area, the top of the LaVelle Creek Chair and at the top of the new Snow Park Chair. Donations can be made by contacting volunteer ski patrol director, Joe Lustik,