Medical Students (MD, DO, PA, NP)

Student Affiliation Program - Medical, PA, NP, NNP, FNP Students

Definition: A formal program of study in which the resident or medical student is currently enrolled in an school sponsored, credit class or program and is seeking a rotation at Community Medical Center. A formal affiliation agreement between the school and the facility has to be in place for this program. Please contact the Student Onboarding Coordinator, Maria Phillips at (406)327-4009 if you have any questions about an agreement for your school.

Note: If you are a Nursing Student - please find your needed documents here.

An affiliation agreement needs to be in place to go forward with a student placement for educational rotations. This can sometimes take some time. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure an agreement is current and in place well in advance of an educational experience. This cannot be done by the individual departments and must be approved by the Student Affiliations Department.

Montana RN licensure is required for all RN to BSN and graduate level nursing students.  The RN may participate in a clinical rotation for up to 30 days if they hold an active licensure in a Compact State.  Otherwise, the RN needs to apply for a Montana RN license.  Clinical experiences may not start until the license is active.

Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Rotations

Please review the attached documents that include the requirements for doing an educational rotation at Community Medical Center

Resident and Medical Student Instructions:

Residents PGY2 or above require a resident physician license.  This can be found at under the “Forms” link, then under “License Application Forms”. 

  1. Review Student Checklist/Orientation Manual (Read only)
  2. Parking Map for Students (Read only)
  3. Pharmacy Orientation Packet (Read only)
  4. Tobacco Policy (Read only)
  5. Access HealthDox (Read only)
  6. Student Checklist (Print and return)
  7. External CERNER Access Form (Print and return)
  8. Statement of Responsibility and Confidentiality Forms  (Print, sign, and return - 2 pages - sign both pages)
  9. Our online regulatory courses are required for all students/residents who complete 160 or more student/resident hours at Community Medical Center.  Here is the link  to Life Talent.  Once you have created your account your required modules will be automatically assigned.    Your Department is STUDENT; Your Job title is STUDENT
  • Any documents that need to be filled out (not including the documents that were for review only) will need to be turned into The Education Department (located in the basement of Community Medical Center) to obtain your CMC ID Badge prior to the start of a rotation. 

  • Please e-mail a list of all your students names for Cerner access and the requested rotation.  Please call Soua Lee  at (406)396-7571 if you have any questions regarding Cerner (Electronic Medical Records) at Community Medical Center.

School Instructions:

  1. Review Student Checklist/Orientation Manual (Read only)
  2. Fill out School Checklist (Print and return)
  3. Fill out Immunization Form (Print and return)
  4. Fill out Request to Resume Rotations Post Covid 19 Form (Print & Return)
  5. Fill out Clinical Placement Tracking Form (Print & Return)
  6. Please include a "letter of good standing" -for all medical students include type of rotation, rotation dates and preceptor
  7. Please include a liability insurance certificate
  8. Background Check/Release Form (Print and return) Fill out the school portion of the Background Release Form after the student has filled out their portion of the form unless the student is providing a copy of the background check with the release form. The background must include a national sex offender search and an exclusions list check as well as the national criminal background check.  
  • Any documents that need to be filled out (not including the documents that were for review only) will need to be turned in to the education department (located in the basement of Community Medical Center prior to receiving a hospital ID Badge and the start of a rotation. In order to process the badges in a timely fashion and prevent long waiting times, please schedule with Maria Phillips 327-4009  Upon completion of the clinical year, ID badges must be turned in to the education department at Community Medical Center.


Maria Phillips

Student Onboarding Coordinator 

P: (406) 327-4253  F: (406)327-4497