Name Specialty Phone
Saenz, Danielle DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitaiton P: (406) 327-4308
Sanders, Trent MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Sawin, Robert S. MD Pediatric Surgery P: (206)-987-1462
Schallenkamp, John M MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911
Schenavar, Brian DPM Podiatry P: (406) 543-5333
Schlesinger, Margaret MD Rheumatology P: (406)-549-2374
Schomberg, Paula MD Radiation Oncology P: 406-327-3911
Schomberg, Paula J MD Radiation Oncology P: 406-327-3911
Schwarz, Stephanie E. DO Internal Medicine P: (253)-682-1710
Scott, Leslie A. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391
Scott, Sarah M. MD Hematology P: (406)-728-2539
Shaneyfelt, Steven MD Gastroenterology P: 406 327-4685
Shepard, Jennifer MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850
Shepherd, Paula J MD P: 509-747-4455
Shepherd, Sandra L. MD Family Practice with Obstetrics P: 406-541-9222
Sherrill, Colin G. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Shurtz, Joe DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation P: (406) 327-4308
Sidey, Atarah MD Family Medicine P: (406) 777-2775
Silva, Eugene MD, FACC Interventional Cardiologist, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Arrhythmia and Heart Failure Service P: (406) 327-4646
Simmons, Garrick R. MD Urology P: (406)-728-3366
Simmons, Sandra B. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391
Sippy, Brian D. MD, PhD Ophthalmology P: (406)-541-3937
Sjostrom, Christopher J. MD Pathology P: (406)-327-4330
Sluder, Lisa AGACNP-BC Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-4035
Smith, Paul G. DO Pediatric Pulmonology P: (406) 327-4279
Snyder, Mark C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Snyder, Michael J. MD Hematology P: (406)-728-2539
Sohn, Steven MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Speckart, Stephen F. MD Hematology P: (406)-327-3915
Stayner, Larry R. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406)-728-6101
Stenger, J. Robert MD Family Practice P: (406)-327-1850
Stephens, Bonnie MD Neonatology P: Referral / Consult Line: (406) 327-4726
Stephens, Bonnie MD Developmental Pediatrics P: (406) 327-4279
Sterbis, Michael D. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Sterne, Gregory MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Stern, George A. MD Ophthalmology P: (406)-543-9200
Stevens, Erin MD Gynecologic Oncology P: (406) 435-7340
Stewart, Michael A. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Stratford, William MD Independent Medical Exams P: 406-327-4075
Stritzke, Andrew MD Family Practice P: 406-327-3880
Suess, Jessica H. MD Emergency Medicine P: (406)-728-4100
Suh, Elizabeth L. MD General Surgery P: (406) 327-3943
Sullivan, Charles L. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Sullivan, Cristina C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Suprenant, Stephanie MD, MPH Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: (406) 327-3895
Surber, William A. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Swartz, Nicole FNP Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246
Swierc, Susan F. PhD Psychology P: (406)-549-7325