We are Community.

We are 1,200 of your friends, neighbors and family who live our mission every day – Your Health, our commitment to you, from day one. Community is a hospital with core competencies in primary care, women’s care, pediatric care, oncology and rehabilitation services as well as a full spectrum of services you may need in your lifetime.

We are your Community! Come visit us.

Community Physician Group (CPG)

We are a dedicated group of Board certified, health professionals who provide primary and specialty care for you and your family.

Nurse on Call

Community Medical Center’s free 24-7 Nurse on Call telephone service gives you the answers you need to be at ease. Call us.



from your Community

Hospital Donates AED to SnowBowl Volunteer Ski Patrol

SnowBowl Volunteer Ski Patrol received a life-saving donation in the form of an additional AED from Community Medical Center and LifePoint Health. They currently have one AED that is housed in the main ticket office at the base of the mountain. With the additional AED, the patrol will be better...read on

DIY Diabetes: Creating Your Own Pancreas Presentation

Approximately 1.25 million people in the U.S. have type 1 diabetes. Yet less than a third of these people achieve the recommended target glucose levels. Diabetes is tough! After 5 years of the disease, a person with diabetes will have administered roughly 7,300 injections & 9,000 fingers left...read on

FREE Lung Cancer Screening w/ Dr. Stern

WHAT: Free physician lung cancer screening consultation with Dr. Eric Stern.

WHO: Men & women age 55 to 80 years of age; History of smoking; Currently smoke or quit in the last 15 years

Monday, November 18, 2019
9 am – 4 pm

Community Cancer Care & Prevention
(on the CMC campus)
2837...read on

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Wall of Love

Labor and Delivery and Mother/Baby unit staff are amazing! I delivered my third baby over the weekend (first baby here). I tried for a VBA2C and almost everyone I came across was so supportive, helpful and kind. I've never been treated with this much kindness at a hospital before.

Adrienne Gill

A huge thank you to the second floor nurses (Med/Surg) and doctors who worked this past week. My father was placed into comfort care on that floor and they were extremely compassionate and caring for our family. He was very well taken care of along with our entire family. Thank you for helping during such an emotional time.

Serena Schreckendgust Boyce

I have been here a thousand times since I moved to the Zoo. Never in my life have I been served by such an efficient, kind, and supportive staff. Best emergency room team ever. Thank you so much for serving our family so well!!

Krista Smith