Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Introducing Nurse on Call - A FREE service for anyone
Anytime you’re worried about the health of a loved one, we’re here to help. Community Medical Center’s free 24-7 Nurse on Call telephone service will give you the answers you need to help you breathe easier. Call us. Our registered nurses will help determine if your symptoms require emergency care or whether they’re issues that can be handled by your primary care provider tomorrow. We’re your local, trusted resource to check symptoms fast, without having to look elsewhere. Call us at 406-327-4770.

Our board-certified Emergency Department physicians have years of experience treating minor injuries and providing life-saving care for adults and children. So whether you tweaked your leg hard at Snowbowl, or your child took a shot to the face during a soccer match at Fort Missoula, Community is your local partner in healthcare. When you need an Emergency room in Missoula, of course it's Community.

Always ready to help
Community Medical Center is always here for you and your family. We offer safe, high-quality, family-friendly medical attention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Game day, Sunday, holidays — every day.

Community is a "Community Trauma Facility" (CTF) - Capable of providing care for most trauma patients within our community.

Situations we treat include:
  •    Car Accidents
  •    Sports injuries
  •    Broken bones
  •    Burns
  •    Complicated or deep cuts
  •    Difficulty breathing
  •    Unconsciousness
  •    Overdoses
  •    Severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting
  •    Blood when vomiting, coughing, or urinating
  •    Severe allergic reactions
  •    High fevers
  •    Chest pain/heart attack
  •    Stroke—loss of function or numbness in limbs

We understand that waiting to be seen in the emergency department can add stress to an already stressful situation. Patients with traumatic injuries or life-threatening conditions are given priority, just as you would expect if it were you or your family member. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality care in a timely manner and keep you informed of any situation that may cause a delay.

What’s an “emergency?”
The American College of Emergency Physicians has identified a set of emergency warning signs and symptoms for adults. For children, they advise that you seek immediate medical help if your child exhibits any of the following:

* Warning signs of childhood emergencies

  •    Any significant change from normal behavior
  •    Confusion or delirium
  •    Decreasing responsiveness or alertness
  •    Excessive sleepiness
  •    Irritability
  •    Seizure
  •    Strange or withdrawn behavior
  •    Severe headache or vomiting, especially following a head injury
  •    Uncontrolled bleeding
  •    Inability to stand up or unsteady walking
  •    Unconsciousness
  •    Abnormal or difficult breathing
  •    Skin or lips that look blue or purple (gray for darker-skinned children)
  •    Feeding or eating difficulties
  •    Increasing or severe, persistent pain
  •    Fever accompanied by change in behavior (especially with a severe, sudden headache accompanied by mental changes, neck/back stiffness, or rashes.)
  •    Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea

The rule of thumb: if you believe it will harm you (or your child) if you don’t see a doctor soon, you should go to the Emergency Department. If you need emergency medical transportation, dial 9-1-1.

Watch a video about what to expect during a visit to the emergency department

Northwest Medstar Critical Care Transport
Northwest MedStar Missoula is offering the same, uninterrupted, critical care transport services, previously provided by the Life Flight air program of Missoula. Even though the name has changed, the high-quality staff and commitment to excellence remains, and the critical air and ground operations based in Missoula continue.

Northwest Medstar