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Meet Community Physician Group (CPG). We are a dedicated group of well-trained, Board certified, health professionals who together provide comprehensive primary and specialty care for you and your family. Our 14 locations in and around Missoula provide 24/7 coverage to promote your health and resolve health problems when they arise. We are part of Community Medical Center (CMC) and are therefore well-connected to hospital services as well as to other health professionals in the area. We urge you to choose our providers and clinics for your ongoing medical needs. In addition to being excellent professionals, we think you will find our people to be engaging and interesting community members in their own right. Welcome to our group!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 80 percent of Americans have had contact with a healthcare practitioner during the past year.  In other words, whether it’s a scheduled visit to your family doctor or an unexpected trip to the emergency room, you are about 4 times more likely to visit a healthcare professional this year than not.  No matter what your medical needs, CPG has healthcare professionals to meet those needs.  We have primary care physicians for you and your family, and we have physicians with specialties ranging from pediatrics and perinatology to cardiology and neurology, and much more.

The statistic from the CDC, given above, also points to the importance of having a family physician.  Primary care that is centered on continuous doctor-patient relationships leads to less hospitalization overall because it provides better health outcomes for you and your family. For instance, not only can your primary care practitioner refer you to the proper healthcare specialists if needed, they can provide better communication and coordination of your health needs with those specialists.  This leads to better health outcomes.

A family doctor can also help provide early and more accurate diagnoses of any medical issues that may arise. Accurate and early diagnoses translate to better and early treatment before those issues become more serious.  A primary care physician also prevents repetition of tests and other interventions and provides better medication management, as well as preventative care.  In short, having a family doctor will help you take control of the health needs of you and your family.  The Community Physician Group offers the best primary care physicians in Missoula and surrounding areas.

Introducing Nurse on Call - A FREE service for anyone

Anytime you’re worried about the health of a loved one, we’re here to help. Community Medical Center’s free 24-7 Nurse on Call telephone service will give you the answers you need to help you breathe easier. Call us. Our registered nurses will help determine if your symptoms require emergency care or whether they’re issues that can be handled by your primary care provider tomorrow. We’re your local, trusted resource to check symptoms fast, without having to look elsewhere. Call us at 406-327-4770.

Our board-certified Emergency Department physicians have years of experience treating minor injuries and providing life-saving care for adults and children. So whether you tweaked your leg hard at Snowbowl, or your child took a shot to the face during a soccer match at Fort Missoula, Community is your local partner in healthcare. When you need an Emergency room in Missoula, of course it's Community.