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Name Specialty Phone
Acher, Charles MD, MPH Colorectal Surgery P: (406) 327-4142
Alderman, Daniel MD Radiology P: 406-721-4906
Alexander, Sheryl DC, PA-C Cardiology P: (406) 327-4646
Allmacher, David H. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Anderson, Cordel MD Anesthesiology P: 406-728-8420
Anderson, Kristin MD, MPH Family Practice P: (406) 327-4312
Archer, Jeremy MD Pediatric Cardiology P: 406-238-2500
Archie, Patrick H MD Oncology and Hematology P: (406) 327-3911
Arnett, Robert L MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Autio, Lar K. MD Family Practice P: (406)-721-5600
Balderston, Keith MD Maternal Fetal Medicine P: 406-327-4640
Balmforth, Gregory MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Barack, Ashley MD Anesthesiology P: 406-728-8420
Barrett, Ryan PNP Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391
Basiaga, Matthew DO Pediatric Rheumatology P: 406 327- 4279
Bauer, David M. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Baumgartner, Paul MD, MPH OB / GYN P: (406) 327-4640

Baumgartner, Tondy MD OB / GYN P: (406) 327-4640

Becker, Polly LCSW LCSW P: 406-327-4279
Bell, John MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Bell, Julia A. MD, MPH Psychiatry P: (406) 327-3911
Benson, Adam J. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Benton, Don J. FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 327-4312
Bertane, Lynn E. FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406)-327-3880
Bhat, Ishwar MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Bloom, Jeanne FNP Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-3880

Bohnert, John C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Bollen, Bruce A. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Bond-Deschamps, Joan M. PA-C Physician Assistant P: 406-721-4436
Borge, Sarah MD Family Practice P: 406-541-9222
Bottsford-Miller, Justin N MD Oncology P: 406 238-2500
Braby, Daniel E. MD Otolaryngology P: (406)-728-3506
Brake, Joel A. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Brinkley, Peter L. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Brower, Jayson MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Brownlee, Clare L. MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850
Brunkan, Richard MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Buckley, Taylor MD Orthopedic Surgery P: 406 728-728-6101
Buckner, Tyler MD Pediatric Hem/Onc P: 406-327-4279
Burke, Timothy F. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology P: (406)-721-9999
Cady, Carol T. MD, MC, PhD Immunology/Allergy P: (406)-721-5600
Callaghan, Edward J. MD Pathology P: 319-366-1503
Carter, Laurie L. MD Pediatric Hospitalist P: (406)-327-4237
Casey, Richard W MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Channer, Mark A. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406)-721-4436
Charman, Charles MD Internal Medicine P: (406)-728-4100
Chaudhary, Shahid MD Nephrology P: 406-327-4283
Cline, Melinda LCSW, PHM-C, CLC LCSW P: 406-327-3924
Coots, Bradley MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: 406-327-3895
Cowmey, Phillip MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Croteau, David MD, FAAFP Family Practice P: 406-327-3882
Cruise, Irene MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
D’Amico, Anthony R. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Dahlen, Richard T. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Dale, Kyle L. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Danaher, Patrick R. DO Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246
Delman, Linda WHNP Maternal Fetal Medicine P: (406) 327-3924
Doherty, Scott M PA-C Physician Assistant - Surgical P: (406) 542-9695
Dougherty, Sarsfield P. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Doyle, Carlyn A CPNP Pediatrics P: (406) 327-4730
Drakulich, Dionne MD OB / GYN P: (406) 327-4640

Drescher, Heidi MMS, PA-C Internal Medicine P:
Eikens, Paul H. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Elkins, Kelsey APRN, FNP Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246
Ellenbogen, Richard MD Pediatric Neurosurgery P: 206 987-2723
Elliott, Mark W. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Faaborg, Sarah MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850
Fausett, M. Bardett MD OB / GYN P: (406) 523-5650
Federico, John MD Thoracic Surgery P: 406-751-6926
Feist, Aaron A. MD Emergency Medicine P: (406)-728-4100
Finke, Nicole M. MD Pathology P: (406)-327-4179
Flynn, Joseph T. MD Pediatric Nephrology P: 206-987-2524
Foster, April N. DDS Pediatric Dentistry P: (406)-541-7334
Foster, Brian PA-C Walk-in Care P: (406) 493-3120
Fox, Joseph MD Pediatric Orthopedics P: (406) 327-4730
Frandsen, Thomas D. MD Family Medicne P: (406) 493-1600
Frederick, Justin MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Furrow, Elena MD Family Practice P: (406)-273-0045
Gama, Armando A. DDS Oral Surgery P: (406)-728-6840
Garcia, Joshua MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Gardner, Phillip A. MD Otolaryngology P: 406-728-3506
Gerstle, Lawrence S. MD Hospitalist P: (406)-728-4100
Gibbs, Kelli PA-C Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation P: (406) 327-4308
Gilbert, Jennifer C. MD Family Practice P: (4060 327-3880
Glasser, Bernadette FNP-C Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-3882
Glibbery, Brandi FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 721-0533
Goff, Ryan MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Gomersall, Janice R. MD Family Practice P:
Gottman, Dirk R. MD Pediatrics P: 406-721-5600
Goulet, Christopher C MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911
Gray, Darren F. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Gray, Gordon M. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Greer, Scott Q. MD Emergency Medicine P: 406-728-4100
Gregory, Kelly FNP-BC Nurse Practitioner P: 406-721-0533
Griffith, Diana S. MD Emergency Medicine P: 406-728-4100
Gwozdz, Cindy NNP-BC Neonatology P: 406 327-4058
Hahnstadt, William A. PhD Psychology P: (406)-549-9475
Hall, Jennifer K. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-721-5600
Haller, Jeffrey R. MD Otolaryngology P: (406)-541-3277
Haller, Wendy A. NP Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391
Handy, Robert MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Harrison, John R. PhD Neuropsychology P: (406)-327-4688
Harvey, Gary P. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology P: (406) 728-4292
Hastings, Charlie DO Pediatrics P: 406-542-0391
Hathaway, Courtney MD Family Practice & Obstetrics P: (406) 327-3880
Hayes, David M. MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: (406)-541-7546
Heaton, Rodney G. DO Hospitalist P: (406)-728-4100
Heid, Emily E. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406)-728-6101
Henning, William E. DO Neurology P: (406)-727-3720
Henry, Douglas M. PA-C Orthopedics P: (406)-721-4436
Herndon, Sharon FNP Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 721-0533
Hill, Mariah DNP, CNM, ARNP Certified Nurse-Midwife P: (406) 327-4640

Hines, Robin D MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Hokenstad, Alexis MD Gynecologic Oncology P: (406) 327-3911
Holbrook, Bradley MD OB / GYN P: (406) 327-3924
Holexa, Sarah MD, MEd, FAAP Pediatric Hospitalist P: (406) 327-4237
Holtzen, John DDS Oral Surgery P: 406-549-6600
Hoofer, Scott MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Hoover, Rebecca B. MD Family Practice P: (406)-721-5600
Howell, Autum NP Nurse Practitioner P: 406-541-PAIN (7246)
Hudson, Wade L. PA-C Orthopedics P: (406)-721-5600
Hurst, Tyler MD Emergency Medicine P: 406-728-4100
Huval, William MD Wound Care P: (406) 327-4514
Hylton, B. Joseph DDS Pediatric Dentistry P: 406-549-2395
Jacobson, Justin A. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406)-728-6101
Janczewski, Kristin H. MD General Surgery P: (406)-541-2570
Jarrett, Glenn J. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: 406-721-4436
Johns, Karin M. PA-C Family Practice P: 406-327-3882
Jons, Christopher MD Pediatric Hospitalist P: 406 543-7271
Judd, Corey MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Kaczmark, Julie R MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Karvandi, Jeffrey DMD, MD, PLLC Orthodontic P: 406 728-4032
Kattine, Louis X. MD General Surgery P: (406)-542-7525
Kelting, Ryan MD Internal Medicine P: 406 728-4100
Kemple, Steve C. DO Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246
Keyes, William MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Kilzer, Paul B. MD Pathology P: 406-327-4179
King, Scott N MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Kingsley, Carla DO Non-Invasive Cardiology P: (406) 327-4646
Kirkeide, John R. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Kirsch, Michael MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Klatt, Joshua MD Pediatric Orthopedics P: (406) 721-4436
Knudsen, Valerie A. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology P: (406) 327-4395
Koehn, Narissa N. MD Family Practice P: (406)-258-4789
Kollros, Peter R. MD Pediatric Neurology P: (206)-987-2078
Kon, Alexander MD, FAAP, FCCM Pediatric Critical Care Medicine P: (888) 487-8635 | (406) 327-4726
Korenberg, Robert J. MD Dermatology P: (406)-543-8512
Kotowski, Jacek MD Ophthalmology P: 406-541-3937
Krejci, Christopher MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Kress, Eric J. MD Family Practice P: 406-721-5600
Kronner, Kevin M. MD Urology P: (406)-728-3366
Kutsch, Charlotte MD Dermatology P: 406-721-3497
Laine, Theodore B. MD Pediatrics P: 406-721-5566
Lalani, Tasneem MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
LaPorte, Jeffrey M. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Larkin, Julie PMHNP-BC Psychiatry P: 406-327-4351
Lee, Jeffrey MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation P: 801-930-3325
Lewis, Gregory P MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Lewis, Terri MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Lind, Gregar H. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Lipp, Vanessa PA-C Physician Assistant P: 406-541-7246
Lovejoy, Lisa MD Family Practice P: 406-721-5600
Lynch, Siobhan MD Medical Oncology/Hematology P: (406) 327-3911
Lysinger, Jerimiah MD Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis P: (406) 327-4279
MacDonald, Alistair J. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Manco-Johnson, Marilyn J. MD Pediatric Hematology Oncology P: 303-724-4086
Mangold, Karl J. DPM Podiatry P: 406-543-5333
Markley, Karra M. MD Pathology P: 406-327-4179
McCabe, Kenneth MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
McCann, David MD Ophthalmology P: 406 541-3937
McCue, Timothy MD Radiology P: 406-721-4906
McElaney, Brian MD Teleradiology P: 855-687-7237
McNutt, Matt FNP, WCC, DWC Family Practice P: 406.327.3880
McVay-Ries, Susannah APRN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner P: 406 327-4058
Meinbresse, Katy MSN, FNP-BC Family Practice P: 406-327-3880
Menendez, Anthony P. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Meng, C. Joseph DDS Dentistry P: 406-543-5647
Meng, Vincent DDS Dentistry P: 406-543-5647
Miller, Hayley MD Diabetes, Metabolism & Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-4431
Miller, John B. MD Family Practice P: (406)-258-4789
Miller, Leah MD, MPH OB/GYN P: (406) 327-4640
Minor, Robert MD, FACC Interventional Cardiology P: 406-327-4646
Monahan, Beth RN, FNP Oncology / Hematology P: 406 327-4294
Morris, Eugene F. DDS Oral Surgery P: (406)-728-6840
Morris, Heidi LCSW LCSW P: 406-542-0391
Morris, Mimi DNP, PMHNP-BC Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-4351
Morris, Wendy A. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Morton, Wendy FNP Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850
Moser, Josh B. PA-C Physician Assistant P: 406-728-3506
Munding, Matthew D. MD Urology P: 406 926-6999
Munoz, David MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Murdock, Todd J. MD Pediatric Ophthalmology P: 406-541-3937
Nackos, Jeffrey MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Nedrud, Chad M. MD Ophthalmology P: 406-541-3937
Neibauer, Gregg DPM Podiatry P: 406-721-4007
Nelsen, Roni RN Oncology Nurse Navigator P:
Neumeister, Rick D. MD Ophthalmology P: 406-728-0044
Olson, Larissa LCSW LCSW P: 406-541-7246
Omura, Alexander K. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Onstad, Steven C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Pallesi, Angela MD General Surgery P: (406) 728-0285
Parrish, Mitchell MD Anesthesiology P: 406 728-8420
Paxinos, Terri BSN Oncology Nurse Navigator P: 406 327-3911
Pennardt, Andre MD Emergency Medicine P: 728-4100
Petersen, John MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Petersen, Megan MD Gynecologic Oncology P: 406-327-3911
Peterson, Bradley R. MD Pathology P: 406-327-4179
Peterson-Hale, Janine L. MD Emergency Medicine P: 406-728-4100
Pettit, Loreen MD Neonatology P: (406) 327-4058
Phinney, Deanna MD Family Practice P:
Pickhardt, J Bradley MD General Surgery P: 406-542-7525
Plank, Benjamin MD Cardiology P: 406-238-2000
Porte, Donna FNP-BC Palliative Care P: (406) 327-3911
Price, Christopher R. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: 406-721-4436
Proper, Michelle A MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911
Propp, Daniel E. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Provow, Timothy P. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Puckett, P Andy MD Orthopedic Surgery P: 406-721-4436
Quirk, James Jr. MD Family Practice P: (406) 721-0533
Ranallo, Joseph J. MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation P:
Randall, Thomas A. MD Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391
Rasmussen, Andrea FPMHNP Psychiatry P: (406) 327-4351
Redshaw, Jeff MD Urology P: (406) 728-3366
Reed, Mary Beth PhD Psychology P: (406)-728-7475
Reed, Michael DPM Podiatry P: (406) 721-1171
Remedios, Peter MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Richards, Timothy B. MD General Surgery P: (406) 728-0285
Ries, Justin A. MD Family Practice P: (406) 327-3880
Ries, Linda M. MD Hematology P: (406)-728-2539
Rivey, Debra LCSW P: 406 327-3911
Roberts, Morgan PA-C Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246
Robinison, Sarah MD Anesthesiology P: Pager: 406 329-6375
Rock, Christopher A. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Roeper, Robert R. DO Emergency Medicine P: (406)-728-4100
Romano, Brian MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Rosen, Bill S. MD Rehabilitation P: (406)-721-2344
Rossi, Michael J. PA-C Physician Assistant P: (406)-728-6101
Roster, Brent MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Rotar, Mark MD Independent Medical Exams P: 406 327-4287
Russell, Leslie MD Radiology P: 406-721-4906
Russell, Mai MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Saenz, Danielle DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitaiton P: (406) 327-4308
Sanders, Trent MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Sawin, Robert S. MD Pediatric Surgery P: (206)-987-1462
Schallenkamp, John M MD Radiation/Oncology P: 406 327-3911
Schlesinger, Margaret MD Rheumatology P: (406)-549-2374
Schomberg, Paula MD Radiation Oncology P: 406-327-3911
Schomberg, Paula J MD Radiation Oncology P: 406-327-3911
Schwarz, Stephanie E. DO Internal Medicine P: (253)-682-1710
Scott, Leslie A. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391
Scott, Sarah M. MD Hematology P: (406)-728-2539
Shaneyfelt, Steven MD Gastroenterology P: 406 327-4685
Shepherd, Paula J MD P: 509-747-4455
Shepherd, Sandra L. MD Family Practice with Obstetrics P: 406-541-9222
Sherrill, Colin G. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Shurtz, Joe DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation P: (406) 327-4308
Sidey, Atarah MD Family Medicine P: (406) 777-2775
Silva, Eugene MD, FACC Interventional Cardiologist, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Arrhythmia and Heart Failure Service P: (406) 327-4646
Simmons, Garrick R. MD Urology P: (406)-728-3366
Simmons, Sandra B. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391
Sippy, Brian D. MD, PhD Ophthalmology P: (406)-541-3937
Sjostrom, Christopher J. MD Pathology P: (406)-327-4330
Sluder, Lisa AGACNP-BC Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-4035
Smith, Paul G. DO Pediatric Pulmonology P: (406) 327-4279
Snyder, Mark C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Snyder, Michael J. MD Hematology P: (406)-728-2539
Sohn, Steven MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Speckart, Stephen F. MD Hematology P: (406)-327-3915
Stayner, Larry R. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406)-728-6101
Steinberg Claire CPNP Pediatric Diabetes P: (406) 327-4279
Stenger, J. Robert MD Family Practice P: (406)-327-1850
Stephens, Bonnie MD Neonatology P: (406) 327-4058
Stephens, Bonnie MD Developmental Pediatrics P: (406) 327-4279
Sterbis, Michael D. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Stern, Eric L. MD Pulmonology P: (406)-327-3819
Stern, George A. MD Ophthalmology P: (406)-543-9200
Sterne, Gregory MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Stevens, Erin MD Gynecologic Oncology P: (406) 435-7340
Stewart, Michael A. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Stratford, William MD Independent Medical Exams P: 406-327-4075
Stritzke, Andrew MD Family Practice P: 406-327-3880
Suess, Jessica H. MD Emergency Medicine P: (406)-728-4100
Suh, Elizabeth L. MD General Surgery P: (406) 327-3943
Sullivan, Charles L. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406) 721-4436
Sullivan, Cristina C. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Suprenant, Stephanie MD, MPH Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: (406) 327-3895
Surber, William A. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Swartz, Nicole FNP Pain Management P: (406) 541-7246
Swierc, Susan F. PhD Psychology P: (406)-549-7325
Tai, Frederick W. MD Internal Medicine P: (406) 327-3850
Tall Bull, Kodi NP-C Nurse Practitioner P: (406) 721-0533
Teel, Gordon MD Radiology P: 509-747-4455
Thomas, Alan W. MD Hematology P: (406)-728-2539
Thomas, Janet MD Pediatric Genetics P: 406-327-4279
Thomas, Nathan B. DPM Podiatry P: (406)-542-2108
Thornblade, Carl E. MD Allergy P: (406)-728-6472
Tiede, Susan B. DDS Pediatric Dentistry P: (406)-541-7334
Tingey, Jason MD Anesthesiology P: 406-728-8420
Torretti, Joel MD Orthopedic Spine Surgery P: (406) 728-6101
Trangmoe, Nancy A. MD Emergency Medicine P: (406)-728-4100
Trimble, Monica LCSW LCSW P: (406) 777-2775
Turlington, Bruce S. MD Radiology P: (406)-721-4906
Turner, Jennifer K MD Pediatrics P: 206 987-3257
Vander Woude, Lindsay A NP Nurse Practitioner P: 206 987-2106
VanRegenmorter, Adam MD Pathology P: (406) 327-4179
Velin, Robert PhD Neuropyschology P: (406)-543-9700
Volf, Abbey NP Nurse Practitioner - Ambulatory P: 406 238-2500
Von Doersten, Peter G. MD Otolaryngology P: (406)-541-3277
Waldo, Douglas MD, FACC Cardiology P: 406-327-4646
Washburn Tolsma, Kristi MD Neonatology P: (406) 327-4058